Bhupendra Rajput "Mohasa"

Representator of Youth 

Bhupendra Singh Rajput president of “Chhatriya Samaaj” had worked in Social Activities.
Presently appointed as Add. Pradesh Returning Officer (APRO) in Karnataka state by all     India Congress Committee Election Authority.
By All India Congress Committee:
1. Worked as *AICC Co-Ordinator* for Gujrat Assembly Election.
2. Worked as *AICC Co-Ordinator* for Bihar Assembly Election.
3. Worked as *AICC Co-Ordinator* for west Bangal Election.
4. Worked as *AICC Zonal Co-Ordinator* in Chhattisgarh state for protest against Demonetization In MPPCC PRADESH DELEGETE.
By Indian Youth Congress Election Commission:
1. Worked as Pradesh Returning Officer (PRO) in Karnataka State for IYC Election.
2. Worked as Zonal Returning Officer in Punjab ,Maharashtra UP-East and Chhatisgarh states for IYC Elections.
3. Worked as * Loksabah Returning Officer * in Telangana, Bihar, Maharashtra and chhatisgarh states for IYC Elections. 


Bhupendra singh mohasa got important opportunity on National level

Election Commissionar of AICC, Mr. Mulapalli Ramachandram has appointed Mr. Mohasa as the APRO of Congress Oriented Karnataka.


Mr. Rajpoot has organised political rallies of West Bangal.

After the successfull win of Congress in Bihar, Party has trusted Mr. Mohasa again and had given the responsibility to lead the political rallies organised for the party  president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and MR. Rahul Gandhi.


Bhupendra Singh Mohasa has  became the nominater of MR. Rahul Gandhi 

Bhupendra Singh Mohasa shared his feeling stating-" I have been a nominator of MR. Rahul Gandhi when he was filling the nomination for the post of National President of INC. Along with that i have been given the  responsibility to work as a election officer and i am feeling very proud of it."

Activities / Programs Conducted by me

Jaago Congress and Jaano Congress:

To create awareness among students and common man.

Initiative to create awareness among students and common man. A questionnaire to receive their feedback on political awareness and at the same time trying to create awareness in the deficient areas.This program was identified by national media.

Aam Admi Ka Chauppal:

To create awareness about the centres developmental and welfare programs.

A pilot project undertaken in 25 villages to create awareness about the centres developmental and welfare programs. The project involved night stay and explaining the villagers with the help of a projector. Now planning to expand it to the Lok Sabha level. Blood Donation Camps and health Camps, Agitation against the 'Excel’ electricity company against their hiked billing methods ,Youth Congress election process awareness campaign in the Bundelkhand Zone.

Yuva rajneeti kar dilaayi rashtriya star ki pehchaan:

Mr. Rajpoot is leading digvijay singh's campaign from bundelkhand

Mr. Rajpoot who has been the co-ordinator of Akhil Bhartiya Congress Committee is now going to lead the campaign organised by Mr. Digvijay Singh in Bundelkhand. Mr. Rajpoot has alwyas followed Mr. Singh as his idol and he has proved it in the past years.

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